FOUNDERS’S NOTE is promoted by MOOSTONE based at Hyderabad. Mr.V Ramesh is the main Artist who has created stylistically diverse body of work that introduced radically new directions in art—and shifted the art world's focus.

Breaking away from accepted conventions in both technique and subject matter, Ramesh made monumentally scaled works that stand as reflections of individual psyches—and in doing so, attempt to tap into universal inner sources. He values spontaneity and improvisation, and accords the highest importance to process.

Ramesh’s art work resists stylistic categorization, but clusters around two basic inclinations: an emphasis on dynamic and energetic gestures also a reflective cerebral focus on more open fields of color. A free-spirited artist Mr.Ramesh has his own style of painting and produce only a limited number of oil paintings because of the long time of intensive work it takes for each painting to match his vision.

Each of this painting has its own story and becomes a part of your inspiration and philosophy after you view it. Hence I warmly invite you to possess one

Before closing these few line, please note that there are currently around two hundred different artworks of oil painting on this site and as new works become available they are added to this section. is constantly being updated with new additions to her portfolio, so check back regularly.

Dr. K.Venugopal. M.B.A. Ph.D
Moonstone Art Gallery.