Welcome to the Moonstone Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India.

The Moonstone Art Gallery holds one of the finest collections of Oil paintings in India. It has inspired and delighted many visitors. New galleries mean more fantastic items on display. At Moonstone, please discover your new favourite work of oil paintings in traditional as well as modern styles.

Moonstone Art Gallery has an international reputation for exhibiting the best in natural oil paintings by an extraordinary self-taught artist. Moonstone concentrates on art's role as a part of human experience and believes art can offer consolation and touching experiences in the changing world. We offer a fascinating glimpse into the work of renowned artists who can actually change the fabric of the world.

Both science and art use creative thinking, investigation and experimentation. However, science is concerned with the workings of the material world while artists are interested in the ways we experience it. Scientists work to understand and change the physical environment. Artists are more concerned with touching human emotions and imaginations. At Moonstone, we are concerned with changing the way we see things by exploring feelings and emotions. The way a story is told can alter your perceptions and perspectives. One way our artists do it is through metaphors by representing pairs of opposites like good and evil or knowledge and the unknown by Light and Dark respectively.

Every theme is very important because of the metaphorical journey that artists undergo in the process of creating art. Every canvas is a journey on its own which echoes individual’s paths in life.

Available for purchase, the paintings will be on display through out 365 days