Artist Ramesh

I am Ramesh aged 47, based at Hyderabad. I learned my basic lessons in art from my father. With astute observation of things around and diligent practice I developed into some proficiency. I was able to create a path to which I had dedicated myself for the past thirty five years.

I have undergone several tribulations and had my share of frustration and success. My friends and well wishers who are connoisseurs of art tell me that I have arrived as an artist. My journey continues to create evolutionary artistic adventures. For the past thirty years I have been trying to express my ideas through canvass. For me the canvas is my recreational area in vision. It is also a means of expression for my artistic creation

My expressions are expressed in a wide variety of oil paintings on canvas treat or deal with the connection between reality and fiction, between the so-called spontaneous and the imposed. My basic skills lead towards my goals for photorealism, expressionism, impressionism or anything in between.

I believe that creative art is, in general one of the keys which can help open the doors of perception. And it helps to facilitate the audience to experience something of the liberating ecstasy of the creative artist. The experience and feeling something of the splendor and magnificence of the universal consciousness is the best relaxation also. Yes, the beauty of art is that it can be picked up at any age.

As an artist I have love for both aesthetics and the cathartic feelings that stem from transferring my imaginations and desires onto a sheet canvases. Please look at these oil paintings. This is my art, and it is what I have to offer.

My work is emotional and thought-provoking; it reflects not just my spirit but also my thoughts and feeling and imaginations... My fondest wish is that these images speak to your soul.

Finally I think a passion to collect and own art is born out of a knowledge, and understanding and appreciation of art!